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Bookkeeping - Medical Practice

Business Accounts Payables (bills) & Payroll can be overwhelming tasks in medical practices. Ensuring the validity of bills and the amount the bill the practice is receiving along with ensuring employees are being paid properly requires time and effort. SA Medical has the experience to perform this key business function for your practice while ensuring that you alone remain in complete control of your finances and funds.

For a rate quote, references or any questions

  • Performed by Our Experienced & Seasoned Bookkeeping Staff

  • Bookkeeping Performed via QuickBooks (Ours or Yours) or Your Current System

  • Every bill/invoice is scrutinized for validity

  • You remain in complete control of your finances, we prepare everything for your approval signature

  • Payroll performed via your time-keeping already in place and QuickBooks, PayChecks or similar service

Rates for Services / Terms
  • Rates for Medical Practice Bookkeeping Services

       Based on number of Employees

  • Rate ranges:

       1 - 10 Employees: $550.00 Monthly

       11-20 Employees: $650.00 Monthly

        21- Above Employees: Contact Us For Rate


  • Service Contract Utilized

  • Term: One Year Renewable

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