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Medical Billing Services

SA Medical has performed stellar medical billing service for 30 years. We believe that we must continually update our technology and training to perform our services but that will never trump our customer service to our clients and their patients.

We roll up our sleeves and provide results, not excuses every day for every client. Maximizing our clients revenue while providing customer service that is second to none to their patients is what we live for.

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type of medical billing services

  • Daily Charge & Payment Entry

  • Claim Coding Reviews & Assistance by Certified Coders

  • Filing of Primary / Secondary Claims

  • Daily Follow-Up on Aged Claims

  • Appeals & Improper Payment Correction Performance

  • Daily Patient Billing & Mailing of Statements

  • Weekly Financial and Productivity Reporting & Review

  • Meetings with Clients Weekly or Monthly

  • Handling all Patient Billing Inquiries at our Service Center

  • Online Patient Payments

  • Physical Bank Deposits to Your Bank

  • And More

  • Allscripts Professional

  • eClinical Works

  • Perfect Care / Practice Manager

  • NextGen

  • DAQ Billing

  • MacPractice

  • McKesson

  • CureMD

  • Elation

  • Greenway / Greenway PrimeSuite

  • And More

  • Internal Medicine (Primary Care/Hospitalists)

  • Family Practice (Primary Care/Hospitalists)

  • Pediatrics (Primary Care/Hospitalists)

  • Geriatrics (SNF, Assisted-Living & Home Care)

  • Urgent Care

  • Surgery (General, Neurosurgery, Trauma, Cardiovascular, Bariatrics)

  • Cardiology / Neurology / Rheumatology / Infectious Disease / Wound Care

  • OBGYN / Perinatology

  • Urogynecology

  • Opthalmology

  • Podiatry

  • Mental &Behavorial Health

Highly Skilled and Proficient with the Specialties of:
Highly Skilled and Proficient with the following EMRs / PM Systems:
Services Include All Aspects of Medical Billing:
Rates for Services / Terms
  • Rates for services based on the following factors:

       Expected practice revenue / utilization of our PM system or

       Clients PM System / Length of Services Contract

  • Rate ranges:

       Primary / Urgent Care:  4% - 8% of collected revenue

       Specialists / Surgery:  3.5% - 6.5% of collected revenue

       Mental / Behavorial Health: 6% - 8% of collected revenue

       Therapy: 6% - 8% of collected revenue



  • Service Contract and Business Associate Agreement Utilized

  • Service Contract can be 1, 2 or 3 year terms

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